We are very excited to be able to host a series of events at our facility this year, supported by NOAA/NAAEE’s eeBlue aquaculture literacy mini-grant program. These events will bring the community closer to the local aquaculture producers who provide us with high quality seafood, are stewards of our waters and environment, and keep our working waterfront alive and healthy.

Science Cafés

Science Cafés will take place in our building at Zao Ze cafe & market, and are free and open to the public. Each evening will feature a local aquaculture producer or two who will share their story and answer our questions. We’ll provide snacks featuring the product under discussion, and beverages will be available for purchase. We hope to see you there!

***Sci Cafes will be held outdoors, weather permitting, to allow for maximum attendance. Please note that if we move inside to Zao Ze or Tao Yuan next door, participation will be limited by space capacity. Thanks for your understanding!***

Sci Café schedule (featured producer listed when confirmed; may be subject to change):

Sunday Oct 3, 4 pm: Matt Moretti, Bangs Island Mussels

Sunday Nov 7, 4 pm: Emily Selinger, Emily’s Oysters

Sunday Dec 5, 4 pm: Kate Holcomb, Canopy Farms

Sunday Feb 6, 4 pm

Sunday Mar 6, 4 pm: Marsden Brewer, PenBay Farmed Scallops

Sunday May 1, 4 pm: Briana Warner, Atlantic Sea Farms

Sunday June 5, 4 pm

Cooking Classes

The following evening, chef and co-owner Cara Stadler will lead a cooking class focused on the same product. Curious to learn more why and how Cara uses local seafood? Want to support local producers but not sure how to work with the product at home? Interested in gaining the recipes and know-how to create restaurant-quality dishes in your own kitchen? Join us! Cooking classes must be reserved in advance and cost $108 per person, which includes ingredients and instruction, recipes to take home, and a full dinner. Please email kate@canopyfarms.org with questions or to reserve your spot!

Cooking class schedule (featured product listed when confirmed; may be subject to change):

Monday Oct 4, 5:30 pm: Mussels

Monday Nov 8, 5:30 pm: Oysters

Monday Dec 6, 5:30 pm: Canopy Farms Fish & Vegetables

Monday Feb 7, 5:30 pm

Monday Mar 7, 5:30 pm: Scallops

Monday May 2, 5:30 pm: Kelp

Monday June 7, 5:30 pm

Class Field Trips and Teacher Education

Are you a local educator? Please contact Kate at kate@canopyfarms.org to learn more about special opportunities for teachers; including participating in a cooking class free of charge, earning contact hours for attending Sci Cafes, and scheduling student field trips at our aquaponics facility for your classes.